Unity Asset - Advanced Loading Screen v1.2 release

Advanced Loading Screen is a drag and drop solution for all your loading screen needs, navigate through the simple menus to create your own custom loading screens in just a few minutes or drag and drop one of the ready made prefabs into your game 

Supports Unity Engine 5.6.5 to 2018.x

-One line integration
-Asynchronous Loading
-Fake Loading with simple Animation curves
-Display random backgrounds with transition effects
-Display random game tips & tips by duration
- Built on top of unity's native UGUI
-Custom editor
-Easy to use, easy to extend
-Drag and drop ready for any project
-Smooth transition between scenes
-Option to press any key or specific key to continue from loading screen
-Fade in/Fade out on scene change
-Background audio during Loading scene with fade In/Out
-Multiple background options
- Game tip system
-Tip fading in/out & duration -Mobile Support
-Developer Logs for easy debugging
-1500+ Lines of carefully crafted code
-Included overlays for those who want to use game screenshots for a quick loading screen
-10+ Drag and drop Templates

Got questions, Ask us on Discord 

WebGL Demo


Advanced Loading Screen v1.2.unitypackage 25 MB
Mar 03, 2019

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